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Any contribution is appreciated

With your contributions, you allow us to make our events more extravagant

and allow us to spend more time and effort on the wonderful events that better our community

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Masquerade Ball Donors

Sea to Sky
Kraken Trading Company
The Black Spot Pirate Shop
Gypsy Feathers
Wood, Willow, & Whatknots Inc.
Vibe KC
MacCamie Studios
Heathens Inc
Amanda Lynn Chainmaille
Royal Eggs
Custom Stained Glass Designs
Institute for Historic & Educational Arts(IHEA)
Mo Corrections Facility
D'Agee Floral
Three Trails Brewery Company
Bubble Wand Maker
Scarlett Rose Millinery
Handmade Bronze
Rhiannon Rodriguez
Sean Ryan with Faces KC
Haliey Gloria
We appreciate all the donors' contributions!
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