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About Us

In 2019, our founder, Linda Castle found a need in the community and decided to start the Wyco Sisterhood Foundation.

Our first program was created by volunteering our time wenching at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. With those profits, a scholarship was created. Items and tools are donated to a chosen recipient to help offset additional expenses not covered by grants or other scholarships. George and Sheila Blume were volunteers for many years at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. They have been educators within the greater metro for many years. This scholarship is named after them called "Education in Blume".

Our hearts are big and we continue to find needs to help meet within the community. We look forward to partnering with many agencies throughout the metro to help "Straighten one crown at a time"

Now time to meet the members!

April Hartwig

My name is April Hartwig and I am the president of The Wyco Sisterhood Foundation.I was born and raised in Wyandotte County and understand the need for community partnership. From my experience with working with non-profit agencies for over 13 years, I realize  the need for support in this community. This is my passion and giving back to the community and creating events is very rewarding. I have been involved with the Renaissance Festival for over 20 years. The Renaissance Festival has been our biggest partner, but this year we will be expanding to make more opportunities to give back. My love for the community is great and I am always looking for opportunities to help. 

I am dedicated to  “ Straightening one crown at a time”.

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Wildwood Wolf

I am the Wildwood Wolf of Canterbury. I found myself lost in this magical place. I have been found by the lovely Wyco Sisterhood and have been by their side ever since. I enjoy the hard work this organization provides to the community.


Their dedication to a greater cause is admirable. My place now is to spread the greatness of this group and help celebrate their success! 


My main goal is to help recruit new members and volunteers and represent the organization by 

“Straightening one crown at a time”

Carly Scardina

This will be my first year as director of scholarships. I’m excited to work with a driven group of leaders taking on wonderful causes around Wyandotte County and more. I was born in Wyoming and raised in Wyandotte county. I’ve been volunteering my time at KC Renaissance Faire for nearly a decade and hope to see a decade more. This is my 4th year with Wyco Sisterhood and our biggest year yet. We’ve fed firemen, brought bouquets and smiles to moms and hope to bring our teachers and kiddos a big surprise to support this school year. My goal this year is to “straighten one crown at a time.”

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Our Mission
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Shelly Fansher

My name is Shelly Fansher. I was elected to the Secretarial Position and Interim Vice President. I have been an administrator for the past 10 years at my 9-5 job. This was an easy transition into the Wyco Sisterhood. The Renaissance Festivals are my happy place. I was honored to be invited to be a part of the Wyco Sisterhood. Extra bonus, I get to give back to the community and “Straighten one crown at a time.”

Rhonda Bushby

My name is Rhonda Slover Bushby. I have been a beer wench with the Kansas City Renaissance festival for the past 9 years. I have had the honor of working with these women and this organization since its beginning. As a florist for 25 plus years, becoming the Director of Decor just seemed like a natural progression. It is very fulfilling being able to give back to the community.I understand the need since I was once in a similar situation and needed the help  from my community. Even though I no longer live in the Kansas City area, it is so worth the trip to help " Straighten one crown at a time".

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