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Kegs & Eggs Events

A collection of the Kegs & Eggs events we've done over the years. Collecting eggs and emptying kegs!

Wenches Banquets

A collection of fun times with the people who make Wyco so great. Looking their best and receiving awards!

Bouquets for Mothers

A yearly event Wyco hosts to show their appreciation for all the mother's and all their hardwork throughout the year.

First Responders Appreciation Day

A collection of photos from the one day of the year we celebrate these superheroes among men.

Stuff the Bus

A charity event meant to raise school supplies for those in need of them.

Education in Blume

A day for promoting education and enjoying some snacks along the way.

Coat Drive Donations

A collection of photos from the day of donating coats we received as donations from the Kegs & Eggs event.

KCPD Self Defense Training

From the day the Wyco sisterhood group went through some self defense training and had a blast!

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